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Accommodating members from other clubs is a time-honored custom among member-only clubs. When a club conducts tournaments or intensive course maintenance, neighbor clubs extend this courtesy knowing the favor will be returned. Because club golfers are frequent travelers interested in course design and new playing experiences, arrangements made by a member’s home club golf professional has helped serve those wishes. But accommodations at other clubs, while a simple custom on its face, have typically been complicated to arrange and carry out - and often go under-utilized. Clubs that partner with OpenRounds take advantage of its digital platform, streamlining access to playing opportunities and further extending the private club experience.

OpenRounds is a platform created to streamline private club accommodations and to provide club members with direct access to golf experiences at other clubs when traveling. Access to the OpenRounds network is free to participating club members and easy to navigate at your convenience. When you use it to set up play at other participating clubs you will be charged the guest fees set by each club.


OpenRounds is partnered with clubs throughout Florida, New England, New York, and in select cities across the country.  Partners include 16 states with at least one Golf Digest Best in State course, as well as multiple PGA Tour and PGA Champions Tour event hosts. If you’re traveling for work or vacation this spring and summer, check out partners in Chicago, Boston/Cape Cod, Indianapolis, Park City, Philadelphia, Hilton Head, Baltimore/DC area, Memphis, Raleigh-Durham, and a variety of other destinations.