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Har-Tru Clay courts


HAR-TRU is made from billion-year-old Pre-Cambrian metabasalt found in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia. It is a natural green stone that is extremely hard and angular — two very important qualities when it comes to tennis court construction.


The angularity helps the stone particles lock together to form a stable playing surface. The hardness provides exceptional durability. The stone is crushed, screened, and mixed in the precise proportions necessary to produce a stable playing surface. It is then installed over a porous base of crushed stone aggregate.


Often referred to as “fast-dry,” HAR-TRU dries quickly after a rain. It also allows you to continue play through light rain.

  • HAR-TRU is 10–15 degrees cooler to play on than a hard court.

  • HAR-TRU is easier on the body and reduces the incidence of common tennis injuries to the lower extremities.